What time am I able to check in?
- Our standard check-in time is between14:00 -22.00.
- If your flight arrives early in the morning and you wish to guarantee an early check-in, it is necessary to book the previous night.
- In the event that your estimated time of arrival is later than 22.00, please advise us in advance so we can accommodate yourcheck-in accordingly.
Is there a pick-up / drop-off point in front of the residence?
- The road lane in front of our property is restricted to bus only. To avoid public inconvenience we encourage all pick-ups and drop-offs to take place at SUSCO petrol station just a few steps across the road.
Does the residence have a restaurant & bar on site?
Our residence only provides complimentary breakfast for checked-in guests. For lunch, dinner and drinking spots, our Guest Relations will happily advise you to delectable places nearby.
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